RAY (Risk Achievement of the Year) Award

Berkley Accident and Health, on behalf of East Isles Re, is proud to award the Risk Achievement of the Year (RAY) Award each year to distinguished Captive members with outstanding commitment to health risk management.

Strong health risk management programs can help prevent illness and injury, promote health and productivity, and lower the total cost of health care. Because of this critical role in the workplace, we are committed to encouraging health and wellness programs among our Captive members. Innovative programs can “bend the trend curve” and keep healthcare costs low for everyone.

At our annual Berkley Captive Symposium, we recognize members who have adopted programs that lower health risk factors and encourage employee wellness. Some examples include:

  • Health success stories, such as health screenings that identified a previously unknown, life-threatening medical condition in an employee or dependent
  • Recognition from a third party for best-in-class programs
  • Ongoing commitment to managing health risk or employee programs and incentives that have improved lifestyle choices/health risk behaviors.

Past Winners

  • Hamilton – J.F. Sobieski (2019)
  • Proactive Health – Reid Companies (2019)
  • Reference Based EmCap – Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp. (2019)
  • Hamilton – Tek Pak (2018)
  • Proactive Health – Regional International Corp. (2018)
  • Reference Based EmCap – Bryan Materials Group (2018)
  • Hamilton – Saval Foods (2017)
  • Reference Based EmCap – midwest retailer (2017)
  • Proactive Health – Lehigh Construction (2017)
  • ConServe (2016)
  • Pawtucket Credit Union (2016)

Honorable Mentions

  • Hamilton – Alexander Thompson Arnold (2019)
  • Proactive Health – Maco Bag (2019)
  • Reference Based EmCap – Fisher Printing (2019)
  • Hamilton – Mid South Transport (2018)
  • Proactive Health – Mazza Mechanical Services (2018)
  • Reference Based EmCap – ISU Credit Union (2018)
  • Hamilton – Johnson Price Sprinkle (2017)
  • Proactive Health – Reid Companies (2017)
  • Proactive Health – Graphic Controls (2016)
  • Hamilton – Saval Foods (2016)

Which programs are eligible?

All East Isles captive programs holding a member meeting at the Berkley Captive Symposium.

Which members are eligible?

Captive members who:

  • have attended the annual meeting in the past; or
  • are planning to attend this year’s meeting; and
  • are in their second year of membership

Who can nominate a member?

  • The member
  • Another member
  • Broker or consultant
  • TPA or vendor
  • Program manager

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact Lorraine Byrnes, [email protected], 609-689-6205 or Antoinette Neebling, [email protected], 609-584-4524.