Berkley Accident and Health and Teneo Health Announce Teneo Health EmCap


Berkley Accident and Health and Teneo Health Announce Teneo Health EmCap

A Turnkey Solution to Benefit Employers Seeking a Health Care Alternative

March 6, 2017 – Hamilton Square, NJ and Englewood, CO – Berkley Accident and Health, a Berkley Company, and Teneo Health announce the launch of a new Medical Stop Loss Group Captive, called Teneo Health EmCap. Teneo Health EmCap gives employers the power to take care of their employees and the ability to dramatically reduce healthcare spend. This powerhouse solution combines a turnkey, self-funded Stop Loss program utilizing best in class components, with care coordination and consumer navigation. Working together, these elements give employers greater control over costs now and in the future, creating a financially sustainable solution for employee health plans.

Putting Employers in the Driver’s Seat

The first part of the program – the Stop Loss Group Captive program – is an alternative financing solution that puts greater control, transparency, and stability into the hands of employers. Rather than simply buying traditional health insurance every year, employers in a Captive program can exert far more control over its employee health risk. In fact, an employer can tailor its approach – retaining the smallest health risks it wants to keep, sharing mid-size risks with other employers in the Captive, and transferring the largest risks to a Stop Loss insurer. With the Teneo Health Captive Program, an employer can retain its most predictable risk layer, but still have a layer of insulation from larger claims that could threaten the viability of its self-funded plan.

Employers gain other advantages:

  • Greater data transparency than self-funding alone – because of the added management reporting provided by the Teneo Health Captive
  • Added scale and stability – essential for small- to mid-size employers looking to self-fund
  • Collaboration with other like-minded employers – Captive program members can collaborate with other members to share best practices and cost-containment strategies

Improving the Patient Experience

The second part of the program – care coordination and navigation – takes a confusing, fragmented healthcare experience for members and transforms it into an integrated model where all interactions go through a single team of care coordinators. The care coordinators have been handpicked and trained to provide supreme customer service and proactively guide members through their healthcare journey. The Teneo Health EmCap can provide self-funded employers with the tools necessary for their members to successfully navigate the system and have an ally on their side to:

  • Address all issues related to benefits, services, and care
  • Resolve problems
  • Perform care management
  • Help members use tools and services
  • Talk to members and providers

Care Coordinator teams are made up of empathetic, resourceful, and highly responsive nurses, social workers, patient service representatives, and benefits experts. They are the single go-to resource for all customer service and care management requests. Plan participants need only to call one toll-free number or visit a dedicated website or app to chat with Care Coordinators.

Care coordination provides real value for employers because it handles the full spectrum of services: total population management, utilization management, care management, member services, health advocacy, and health coaching. This model not only improves patient care and experience, but also has impressive documented results: reduced wasteful spending, closed care gaps, improved outcomes for chronic disease states, and increased preventive screenings, which lead to healthcare cost trends much lower than national averages.

Dual Strategy

The Teneo Health EmCap offers a dual strategy of a Stop Loss Group Captive program with employee care coordination. It puts employers in control and gives them the ability to see where their healthcare dollars are going and why. It gives patients a better model to navigate the healthcare system, with proven results. Together, the two give employers innovative tools to improve patient care and the opportunity to benefit from superior risk management.

For more information about the Teneo Health EmCap, contact Michael Poelman at [email protected] or Scott Byrne at [email protected]. Teneo Health EmCap is distributed by Berkley Accident and Health to its national network of select, credentialed brokers.

About Berkley Accident and Health

Berkley Accident and Health is a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. Berkley Accident and Health provides an innovative portfolio of accident and health insurance products. It offers four categories of products: Employer Stop Loss, Group Captive, Managed Care (including HMO Reinsurance and Provider Excess), and Specialty Accident. The company underwrites Stop Loss coverage through Berkley Life and Health Insurance Company, rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best. For more information, please visit or

About Teneo Health

Teneo Health creates and manages group benefit captive programs that help companies contain costs and reap long-term savings. Teneo focuses on changing member behavior and bending trends while also providing a safety net for employer risk, with the incorporation of ground-breaking care coordination services for members. Teneo Health offers expertise and unmatched service to help guide you through the tangle of health insurance options, and will show you how a group benefit captive may be the best solution for your company. For more information, please visit

This information is illustrative only and not indicative of actual past or future results. Stop Loss is underwritten by Berkley Life and Health Insurance Company, a member company of W. R. Berkley Corporation and rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, and involves the formation of a group captive insurance program that involves other employers and requires other legal entities. Not all products and services are available in every jurisdiction, and the precise coverage afforded by Berkley Life and Health Insurance Company is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policies as issued.  Berkley Accident and Health and its affiliates do not provide tax, legal, or regulatory advice concerning Teneo Health EmCap. You should seek appropriate tax, legal, regulatory, or other counsel regarding the Teneo Health EmCap program, including, but not limited to, counsel in the areas of ERISA, multiple employer welfare arrangements (MEWAs), taxation, and captives. Teneo Health EmCap is not available to all employers or in all states.